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Phaneesh Murthy's PMHLC Launches Health Exchange
Former iGate CEO Phaneesh Murthy-founded PM Health and Life Care (PMHLC) launched Zigy.com, an online health exchange powered with patient controlled electronic health record system.
3 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Every Business
A big part of the Internet of Things isn’t so much about smart devices, but about sensors. These tiny innovations can be attached to everything from yogurt cups to the cement in bridges and then record and send data back into the cloud.
How To Pitch Your Big Idea At Work
Everyone wants to be that person — the one who looks at the same information as everyone else, but who sees a fresh, innovative solution. However, it takes more than simply having a good idea. How you share it is as important as the suggestion itself.
7 Things You Definitely Didn't Know About Google
Google isn't the same little search engine you remember. It's now part of Alphabet, a new conglomerate started by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In honor of this coming-of-age, we're paying homage to Google's history with a few fun facts about the company.
8 apps that will make it easier for you to work between countries and time zones
It's difficult to coordinate travel, meetings and other business between countries and time zones. Thankfully there is a healthy selection of apps for the entrepreneur doing business internationally. Here are 8 apps to help you maintain your sanity and use your time efficiently.
How Eric Greenberg Becomes An Internet Billionaire
Greenberg, 50, might not be a household name, but at one time he was among the most successful Internet entrepreneurs of the dot-com boom.
Here's What Experts Are Saying About Google's New Alphabet
Google’s decision to reorganize itself as a conglomerate called Alphabet, separating its search and advertising business into one subsidiary with its own CEO, has generated a tsunami of coverage.
5 Recent Facebook Changes Every Business Leader Should Know
If you manage a business page on Facebook, you may find it's not easy keeping up with all of the latest updates and new features. Let's check out the five most recent Facebook changes you should know about.
6 Apps For People Who Are Easily Distracted At Work
How often do you feel distracted at work? All the time, right? I bet those distractions keep you from getting a lot of stuff accomplished on a regular basis.
The 100 Richest Tech Billionaires From Around The Globe
Bill Gates ranks number one among tech tycoons, with a net worth of $79.6 billion followed by Larry Ellison, founder of database software firm Oracle, with a net worth estimated at $50 billion and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
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