Is Artificial Intelligence Increasing Or Decreasing Cybercrime?
AI-driven MDR is helping organizations in optimizing the post-incident security response.
How Tech Is Helping Rethink Customer Engagement
Creating a consistently engaging customer experience along the customer lifecycle is almost a sine qua non for any business.
Is There A Weak Link In Your Encryption Strategy?
by Luke Brown, VP EMEA, WinMagic    Sep 17, 2018
Without an overarching encryption solution with centralized key management, businesses create weak links in their armour.
Cultural Transformation: An Upheaval Or Metamorphosis?
To sustain change, organisations need to focus on critical behaviours that are essential for the cultural impact.
Scalable, Secure Govt Data Centers For Online Citizen Services
The surging demand for citizen centric services is making government institutions reinvent themselves.
Access to Applications Based on a ‘Driving License’ Model
One of the main problems faced by CISOs while processing traffic is detecting attacks without impacting legitimate clients.
How Enterprises Can Secure their Multi-Cloud Environments
Despite cyber threats are rising in both volume and sophistication, enterprises appear to be doing little to secure their multi-Cloud environments.
Chatbots: The Future Of Business Engagement
Chatbots have transformed the way people seek information, interact with businesses and get simpler tasks done with a few clicks.
How Do You Solve A Cloud Compliance Crisis
Mark Hickman, COO, WinMagic examines the findings of recent research which suggests compliance woes are putting the brakes on cloud computing’s onslaught.
Why Not Work With A Bot In Future?
How CIOs can shape the future of work in which most workforces include machines.
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