Yash Tech opens SAP center in Hyderabad

by Swapna Khanna    Nov 12, 2003

Yash Technologies, a consulting firm, has set up its second SAP competency center for enterprise resource planning in India.

This competency center, inaugurated in Hyderabad, will focus on SAP implementation and providing support to the customers, especially in the SMB segment, higher education and the breweries segment.

Vinod K Samanthula, General manager, sales and marketing, Yash Technologies, Asia Pacific said, “With our second SAP competency center in India, we are seriously targeting the newer markets in the SMB segment, higher education, research and the breweries segments in India, and also the APAC region. We have developed a unique business model for higher education and research and are on the advanced stage of talks with two universities in implementing SAP Competency centers.”

Samathula said, “Yash Technologies has individual excellence centers within each SAP module and related ERP applications that combine both functional and technical capabilities.

These centers are established with a specific focus to develop methodologies for successful implementation of the solution, with cost of ownership advantages passed on to the customers.

“Yash presently has offices in Hyderabad and Indore. The company is going to provide a support and help desk at the clients location itself, for 6 months from the date of implementation, which takes care of all the customizations and end user acceptance,” added Samathula

Currently the company has a dedicated team of 20 professionals working on SAP (ERP) platform, which they plan to increase to 50 by the end of 2004.

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